The Katakuchi Kinmaki cold sake set (Kurokesshou/Shirokesshou), won the Gold Award in the OMOTENASHI Selection 2022!

The Katakuchi Kinmaki cold sake set (Kurokesshou/Shirokesshou) was awarded the OMOTENASHI Selection 2022 Gold Prize as a product "full of the unique charm of Japan that we want to share with the world".

The evaluators commented that "the attention to detail is excellent, and when you learn about the manufacturing process, you can tell that a lot of effort was put into making this product, and you can see how impressive it is," "the elegant atmosphere and attention to detail in the design," "the simple yet unique shape embodies Japan's own aesthetic sense," "the rough texture has a Japanese flavor," and so on.

What is Omotenashi Selection?

OMOTENASHI Selection is a collection of products and services that reflect the spirit of Japanese hospitality. We started the award in 2015 with the desire to share these amazing products with the rest of the world.