Our craftsmen who carry on the traditions of Mino ware.

Yamai Pottery is a family-owned and operated factory. Each pottery piece is carefully crafted by skilled artisans and filled with the breath of tradition handed down from former generations.

Meet our Craftsmen

Hisamitsu Ito

Born in 1961, Hisamitsu Ito has maintained a singular focus on pottery craft since graduating from college nearly 40 years ago. He also serves as the CEO and is in charge of all production processes and equipment, including Gabaikomi (Slip casting), spinning, chamfering, painting, waxing, glazing, and firing.

Meet our Craftsmen

Takako Ito

Born in 1961, Takako Ito has been a craftswoman for over 35 years and specializes in processes requiring exceptional dexterity such as chamfering, painting, and waxing.