• Before placing your order, you will be given the option of having us gift-wrap the items before shipping them to you.

• The wrapping paper is beautiful translucent Tosa washi with a pattern called "Seigaiha" (blue ocean waves), a gentle and auspicious wave pattern used in kimonos, dances, and Kabuki performances.

• This paper is only available in red.

Please Note:

• We reserve the right to change the type of wrapping paper used without notice.

• If you would like to have multiple items wrapped in one package, please indicate so in the memo field.

• If you do not have a specific request, we will prepare to wrap for multiple items separately.

• The picture of the wrapping material is meant to give an indication. Your wrapping may look different.

• Wrapping may differ for different products due to variations in their size and shape.

Gift Wrapping