We are dedicated to hand making pottery that expresses the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi (finding beauty in organic imperfection).

In the Toki region, where our company is located, a unique process called "slip casting" (drained mud casting) was actively practiced due to the abundance of pottery clay. Slip casting is the practice of dumping excess mud into a plaster mold after it has hardened to a certain degree.

Our Japanese tableware is mainly earthenware pottery. We steadfastly continue this traditional handmade approach and work with the utmost care and attention. The skill and sincerity of our craftsmen can be seen and felt throughout our products.

Per the unique Japanese worldview of wabi-sabi, red clay is used, covered with a layer of clay, and fired two or three times. The pottery is unglazed two or three times before being covered with makeup clay to create subtle changes in the clay's color.

The softness and elegance of clay alone and the warmth of our craftsman's touch give these products a unique aesthetic. Even the appearance of gradual decay is sublimated to the most refined beauty...

We invite you to touch and feel the difference between our artisanal pottery versus the mass-produced items that flood the market.

Yamai craftwork